2nd Gen iPad Mini To Get 342 PPI Retina Display?

2nd Gen iPad Mini To Get 342 PPI Retina Display?

I know everyone is still high with the recent unleashing of evasi0n, Team evad3rs untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.x, but we mustn’t forget that the wheels of the rumor mill are already turning and spewing incessant barrage of murmurings of and about our favorite firm from Cupertino, Apple.

This recent one from the grape vine tells us that the iPad Mini, young as it may seem, being released a few months back, will be reincarnated with a pixel-packing 2048×1536 (324 ppi) retina display from Taiwan-based Apple supplier AU Optronics.

From Brightwire (www.brightwire.com)

  • Sources with Taiwan-based Apple suppliers said earlier Sunday that AU Optronics is piloting the production of the 7.9-inch iPad mini 2.
  • The model’s resolution and pixel density stand at 2048×1536 pixels and 324ppi, respectively.

Of course this would be an obvious update for the iPad Mini, as with other iDevices that gets updated/upgraded, the first thing Apple brings up to date is the LCD display. The current 7.9-inch iPad Mini has a resolution equal to that of the iPad 2 (1024-by-768 resolution at 132 ppi) but if this rumor would come to fruition, the 2nd gen iPad Mini will then sport a resolution equal to that of the current gen Retina iPad (which is also four times the present iPad Mini resolution).

By squeezing in so much pixels per inch into a smaller device, Apple would then have a high resolution iPad Mini which can handle presently exiting apps without the need for further optimization.

To those of you still worrying about app compatibility, this one from our favorite appleinsider may ease your mind:

“Apple did add a new resolution to its lineup last fall, when the company launched the iPhone 5 with a taller 4-inch display. But because the iPhone 5 retains the same pixel width as its predecessors, legacy applications can run in a “letterbox” mode with unused space at the top and bottom of the screen”

Good news and less work for all developers out there!

Rumors about the alleged iPad Mini update has been circulating the rounds for months now and one even went to say that Apple will out the 2nd gen iPad Mini this coming March together with a refresh of the iPad (5?).

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