Absolutely Essential Cydia Tweaks Post Evasi0n Jailbreak

Absolutely Essential Cydia Tweaks Post Evasi0n Jailbreak

Now that the dust has settled and everything is back to normal after the chaos brought about by evasi0n, the first untethered jailbreak for the iOS 6.x, we can seriously (not) talk about the tweaks you should install on your favorite iDevices – as if you hadn’t done any installing yet – to get the best out of your newly unshackled baby.

I chose to do this piece a couple of weeks after evasi0n was released because, as I confessed before, I wanted to be sure that everything is stable and working smoothly before venturing out even further into this jailbreaking landscape and as the old adage goes – no news is good news, in this case about Cydia – I believe it’s a pretty good time to try out some of goods that Cydia has to offer.

The best thing about jailbreaking is it allows you to totally own your iDevice and do anything and everything you want with it. Oh sure Apple’s iOS is an extremely capable OS as is without any modifications but we humans have a tendency to get bored with the mundane so we try to find ways to spice up all aspects of our lives, gadgets included.  Jailbreaking enables us to add tweaks and “improvement” to Apple’s almost perfect OS to our liking – the main essence of jailbreaking.

All of us have our favorite tweaks and add-ons from third party developers and here I would like to share with you my top five absolutely must-have essential Cydia tweaks for the jailbroken iDevice.

First and foremost of all is the godfather of all tweak settings, what else but SB Settings. Every time I jailbreak any of my iDevices I make sure that the first tweak I install is SBSettings.  The main reason I install SBSettings on my jailbroken iDevice is it enables me to easily respring, reboot or power off my device using the power toggle in SESettings.  Save some wear and tear on the physical power button my gadget. This tweak also allows me to use a swipe gesture on the status bar to reveal a boxed info about my iDevice which also include toggles for 3G (if you have that), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, EDGE, Phone and SSH.  You can also choose the toggles you want shown with SBSettings and don’t forget themes because SBSettings is actually themeable. You can get SBSettings from the built-in BigBoss repo from Cydia.

Next up is Infinidock. As its moniker implies, Infinidock allows you to add an infinite number of icons/shortcuts to your dock which makes apps easily accessible and launchable via the scrolling dock. You can also set the number of icons per page and the page dock behaviour as well.  This tweak is also available for the BigBoss repo.

I like lots and lots of animations on my iDevices so naturally I install the Barrel tweak to give my screen those movements that make the icons more interesting. Barrel allows you to choose the animations you want from its settings page.  There are lots so better try them all out to find one to your liking. Of course it’s from Aaron Ash (a.k.a Charybdis) via the BigBoss repo.

Ever since multi-tasking had been introduced and supported in iOS, we’ve been on the look out for a much better app switching experience on the system.  My favorite one right now and the one installed on my iDevice is Auxo The app-switching tweak shows card-like thumbnails of the running apps instead of just the apps’ icons on the bottom of the screen when you double-quick press the home button.  Choosing your app then is a simple touch of the thumbnail and you’re good to go. Auxo fully supports the latest iOS 6.x and its available from the Cydia store as well.

Before I present to you my final tweak I would like to mention again as I’ve mentioned before, we do not condone piracy at appleslut and though this last one will allow you to install apps via iTunes or iFunbox, please please please remember to support our developers by buying the apps if you really like them. Having said that, my final choice for the absolutely essential tweaks is Appsync.

Hackulous, the originator of Appsync, is no longer with us but their torch has been picked up by other hackers out there and had been further tweaked and refined to function with the latest iOS and the evasi0n jailbreak and had been made available via Cydia by adding certain repos (GIYF) to Cydia’s sources.  I won’t go to details on how to do this, my friends, since if you’ve been in the jailbreak scene I believe you’re already in the know.

There you have it folks, my take on what Cydia has to offer.

I know you have your own favorite tweaks for Cydia and we’d love to hear what they are. Drop us an email, will you?

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