Apple Outs iTunes 11

Apple Outs iTunes 11

Just downloaded the new iTunes 11 from Apple’s website and, like everything else from Apple, it just works!

The new iTunes 11 interface has been completely redesigned and greatly simplified which makes it even easier to use.  For instance, if you are looking for a particular album or artist, just click on Music and that’s all you’re going to see.  All  your albums will be displayed front and center without anything else distracting your attention.  Found that album? Another click and your selection expand very iOS-like to show all the goodies contained inside.  You can do this for everything else too – Movies, TV Shows and Apps.

Done with movies? You can easily navigate around iTune’s redesigned interface by using  drop-down menus.  On the upper left hand corner, you can go to any section of your digital library by clicking and choosing which section you want displayed – Music, Movies, TV Show…and a click on the upper right hand corner takes you to the iTunes Store where you can buy all the digital contents you want.

You can get recommendations from the iTunes Store by simply selecting an album, an artist or music genre and iTunes will take care of the rest by suggesting similar music to your liking/selection.

What I really like about the new iTunes 11 is its MiniPlayer.  I listen to music while pecking away at my laptop keys and a full screen player just doesn’t cut it for me.  Switching to the MiniPlayer allows me to unobtrusively control my music the way I want it done.  I usually organize my music using playlists and the MiniPlayer’s Up Next feature really comes in handy because I can easily choose which songs to play or to skip by simply looking at what’s coming up next.

iCloud has been greatly integrated in iTunes 11 allowing you to buy contents from the iTunes Store, store them in iCloud and have access to all you files anywhere on any iDevice, Mac or PC.  The new Download button lets you download a copy of every file you have so that you can take your media with you even if you are going offline. By the way, you’ll know that your media is in iCloud by the small iCloud logo in the upper right of the album. Pretty neat!

So how do I find the new iTunes 11?  I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and who would have thought that organizing your Media library could also be fun?

You can download iTunes 11  here.


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