Integrating Apple TV Into the Classroom

Apple TV

Educators and students have access to tools that are bringing excitement into classrooms. Lectures are transforming into interactive sessions where content is shared by classmates and professors.

Apple TV is one of the tools leading the way for students and teachers alike by facilitating connectivity.

Simplicity is the secret to success for Apple TV. Users are able to share access to their content stored on various Apple products and PC’s through a few clicks of a button. A few features are below:

  • Connects to a wide screen television: Students will no longer have to crowd around one small screen to learn.
  • Can be shown on a projection screen: Great feature for video production classes that watch movies.
  • Built in 802.11: Allows Macs and PC’s to sync to Apple TV and share content quickly and effortlessly.
  • Automatic sync to iTunes: Everything on iTunes is instantly available.

Instead of students referencing an article they came across during research or talking about a video they saw, it can be shown to the entire class on one large screen. There is also an option to stream content from multiple personal computers or laptops. Students who are more inclined to learn through visual aids will enjoy this.

Apple TV and new educational oriented technology is helping “traditional” schools merge into an online university model where physical attendance may not always be necessary.

Integrating Apple TV technology into the classroom encourages students to take presentations to the next level. And visual aids become that much easier. Even medical students can benefit by watching different surgical techniques with step by step break down. The possibilities are endless.

Another awesome feature of Apple TV is the massive space available to store content.  With Apple TV users have a 40GB hard drive capable of holding 50 hours of video, 9,000 songs, and 25,000 photographs.  All of the files saved in storage can be shared easily through a free service called iTunes U which gives educators and students access to lectures, University information, and other resources posted by users across the nation, all shared through Apple TV.

Apple TV is a tool that can enhance the educational experience and promote creativity and connectivity between students and educators.

Guest post by Lindsey Paho: Lindsey Paho loves reading and writing about education. Shes a contributor for and is considering getting her master’s degree.

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