Auxo Creator Back With New App-Switching Concept

Auxo Creator Back With New App-Switching Concept

Hot on the trail of our post evasi0n jailbreak tweaks article comes another great concept from Auxo creator, Sentry.

Right now, Auxo has become the best app-switcher on the iOS because of the tweak’s smooth functionality and ease of use.  But it seems that Sentry, the talented designer behind the great tweak has a lot more to offer and has just posted another great app-switching concept via his Twitter account.

From Sentry (via

“The concept is to allow for instantaneous app switching, via a simple swipe up from the bottom (splitting the screen). Without lifting your finger/thumb, you swipe to one of your recently used apps, release, and jump into it in one swoop.”

Sentry also posted a video of his new baby and as you can see, the new app-switching concept is very interesting, to say the least, and will offer a faster multi-tasking experience to the user.

iOS Quick-App-Switching Concept

I will definitely be looking out for this superb tweak to become a reality and will also keep an eye open for other ones that our extremely creative designer may come up with in the near future.

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