Budget-Friendly iPhone To Have Crayola-Colored Plastic Body And A 4-Inch Screen?

Budget-Friendly iPhone To Have Crayola-Colored Plastic Body And A 4-Inch Screen?

Wow, another one with a long, epic title. How else would you describe the latest murmuring from the grapevine about Apple’s hotly-rumored low-cost iPhone?

Now that Sammy has released its flagship mobile, the Galaxy S4, and with some news telling us that market watchers find it less refined than the iPhone and not really a game changer (Ouch!), our attention once again turns to what the Cupertino firm has up its sleeve to prove (not that it still needs proving) that its premier handset is still the one and only King of the mobile wars.

Year after year, we eagerly await Apple’s official announcement about its latest iDevices, particularly its flagship, the iPhone and as always, without this official word from the fruit company, torrents of gossip and speculations coming from all sides abound. This sort of feverish anticipation generated by Apple is unmatched in history and it happens every single time Apple is expected to unleash its well-loved and much-sought mobile gadget.

Turning now to the low-budget iPhone for the masses, distinguished analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities told people at Appleinsider that the latest mobile from Apple will NOT sport a bigger 4.5-inch screen as previously reported, but will have a 4-incher instead.

From Appleinsider:

According to Kuo, the specs for Apple’s low-cost iPhone were decided in 2011, and the company is “unlikely to abruptly change” due to a market shift toward larger screens in the 5-inch range.

The report also added that the low-budget iPhone may have a super-thin plastic and fiber combination shell which would make it very light and strong when compared to exiting smartphone plastic casings.

Another interesting point that Kuo tells is that the budget-friendly iPhone could come in a number of colors akin to the Apple’s iPod Touch line – breaking the limited choice between the black and white of the existing iPhone line which, as far as the Apple fans are concerned, is awesome news indeed! People have been clamoring for this for the longest time and if this bit of info is true then it would really be a welcome change for us.

To make of all this happen, the report continues that Apple is already dealing with FoxConn and Jabill’s Green Point for the low-budget iPhone’s resilient plastic case. Hon Hai (a.k.a FoxConn) will build the casing and assemble the new handset at the same time while Jabill will supply Pegatron the casing to assemble the rest.

Aside from this budget-friendly iPhone for the masses, Apple is also expected to release the updated/upgraded iPhone 5S later this year, similar to other iPhone XS releases it has done in the past.

We’ll also be keeping an eye on that and we’ll keep you posted, of course.

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