Budget-Friendly Plastic iPhone Anyone?

Budget-Friendly Plastic iPhone Anyone?

When you browse at the latest handheld mobiles in the market today, you may notice that almost every company is jumping on the 5-inch-plus screen bandwagon though the internals of their units may not really be that sophisticated.  As long as the unit has a humungous screen and a pocket-friendly price, there is a great chance that budget-conscious consumers will buy their wares.

Just look at Samsung.

The Korean manufacturing giant dishes out anything and everything from refrigerators to the latest curved-screen TV’s but most people know them, specially the tech-minded youth, because of their very successful and prolific handheld mobile phones.  It seems that Samsung has finally hit the mark by targeting every conceivable market with its unending barrage of low-cost Android and Windows phone.

Which could be the reason why Apple may also out its own budget-friendly iPhone.

I say “may” because, as we all know, when it comes to our favourite firm from Cupertino, nothing is confirmed until the day Apple itself releases their iconic whatever.

iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz said that Apple’s budget-friendly iPhone will retain the iPhone 5’s dimensions including the 4-inch screen size but will be mostly made of plastic components to keep the material and manufacturing cost down thus passing on the savings to the consumers.

Take this latest murmuring about Apple’s rumoured low-cost iPhone, for instance.

From iLounge:

“Yes, it will be made substantially from plastic. No, it won’t just be a Retina- and Lightning-equipped refresh of the iPhone 3G or 3GS, Apple’s last plastic iPhones, nor will it look just like an all-plastic version of the iPhone 5”

 Horwitz added that the low-cost iPhone will be some sort of iPhone-iPod hybrid as it will borrow some features from the iPod while incorporating some design elements of the iPhone.

The report further says that aside from the retaining the screen size, the low-cost iPhone will be very slightly bigger and thicker than the iPhone 5 although the significant changes will be in the new device’s curves, which, according to Horwitz, may
be borrowed from the iPod Classic (flat back and sides connected by a curve).

Other elements like the back facing camera, the rear flash, and the microphone will be borrowed from the fifth-gen iPod Touch sans the protruding rear lens and will have a circular microphone hole versus the existing oblong-shaped one.

The bottom part of budget iPhone will be a mix of iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5th Gen elements as all ports and speakers will remain in the same position where they
presently located in the model devices.

Horwitz describes the rumoured iDevice best by saying:

“In summary, the budget iPhone will look a lot like an iPhone 5 from the front, an iPod classic from the side, and an iPod touch 5G on the bottom—only made from plastic rather than glass or metal. It won’t make any bold departures from past Apple designs, but then, it’s supposed to be an inexpensive iPhone, and achieves that goal pretty much as expected.”

Some folks, myself included, are seeking ways to balance substance with design and if Apple does release this much-rumored low-cost iPhone (and that’s a very big IF), I would gladly camp and line up for the first time in one of Apple’s Stores dotting the globe just to be the first ones to get what could be Apple’s come-back device for 2013.

That’s a lot firsts…

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