The Mac Mod Master: Hideo Takano

Mac Mini ProHave you ever seen a Mac Mini that looks exactly like a Mac Pro? Now you have. (That picture is a Mini Mac!). Hideo Takano has created a number of absolutely impossible modifications to the traditional Mac Mini and Mac Cube – yes, the Cube.

Takano has reworked the Mac Mini into a flawless, tiny replica of it’s big brother – the Mac Pro. It’s a stunning silver finish with a vented front panel, housing a USB port, CD drive and power button.

But, that’s not all. Other Mac Mod creations include a Frankenstein-like “G5 Mac Cube Pro” – It’s a Cube dressed up as a Mac Pro – and every bit as impressive as the Mac Mini Pro.

Then it gets weird.

The other creations are out of this world mods of Mac Mini’s are a giant Lego¬© and a spare gas tank. Not sure why you’d want a gas can / computer, but it sure is unique and exceptionally crafted.

You’ve got to check out Hideo Takano’s website and see his incredible inventions.

Thanks to: Gizmodo & 123MacMini

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