Corning’s Flexible Willow Glass For The iWatch?

Corning’s Flexible Willow Glass For The iWatch?

Aside from the Steve Jobs’ much-rumored and much-loved pet project, the iTV, the iWatch has been the topic of not a few headlines for the past couple of months already and as it is, the light at the end of the tunnel seems very dim and very far away from where we are standing right now.

But turn the rumor mill it will and we can only stand by and watch what it spews our way, leaving to us the duty to discern fact from fiction, which sometimes could blur the line between reality and the world created by imagination.

Again, we mortals are presented with a stunning artist’s rendition of how the iWatch could look like and believe me folks; it looks gorgeous to say the least.

Just take a gander of yonder design below and salivate.

See what I mean? Imagine that on your wrist.

From the Guardian:

“What will the iWatch do? Monitor your health? Act as a credit card? A wrist-bound GPS? Laser cannon and teleporter? We’ll have to wait and see but to be honest if that’s all it does; you may as well strap an iPhone to your arm. Apple has a history of delivering surprises and the iWatch would be its first big new product since the death of founder Steve Jobs. The company will want to make a splash. Especially as arch-rival Google has its own “smart watch” in development and is already testing Google Glass, web-connected specs.”

Though we’ve been strapping iPhones to our arms, mostly while doing exercises or running/walking, it would be too awkward for ordinary everyday life and the engineers at Apple know this. That’s the reason why they have at least a hundred designers designing the iWatch.

But for Apple to make the iWatch, the firm from Cupertino needs new materials to work with like the recently unveiled Willow Glass from Corning.

From Corning:

“Corning Willow Glass will help enable thin, light and cost-efficient applications including today’s slim displays and the smart surfaces of the future.  The thinness, strength and flexibility of the glass has the potential to enable displays to be “wrapped” around a device or structure.”

So is it still any wonder why Apple chose its long time manufacturing partner to do the glass display for its latest rumoured soon-to-be wearable personal computer? Corning has been supplying Apple its Gorilla Glass requirements used for iDevices such as the iPhone, all iPad lines and iPod Touches and it’s just logical for Apple to continue using Corning’s glass technology because they have been proven to be the strongest in the industry right now. With Corning’s Willow Glass, the company advances the glass technology a step further into to the future and just in time for Apple’s iWatch development – possible making the rumoured device into a reality.

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