G/F2 Screen Tech for the 5th Gen iPad?

G/F2 Screen Tech for the 5th Gen iPad?

Though a million other tablets flood the market today, the first one is still the ultimate king and with each new iteration, the iPad only gets better and better.

When I first laid my eyes on the original iPad, I instantly fell in love with it and up to now that hasn’t changed.  Even my wife gets jealous sometimes!

Kidding aside, the latest 4th gen iPad is still the industry’s standard tablet that everyone is trying to imitate. Without doubt, Apple will always be one step ahead of the competition when its premier tablet is concerned.

Take this latest tidbit from the rumor mill, for instance.

Our favourite Apple Insider says that Apple has plans of using the G/F2 or DITO Screen Technology used for the iPad Mini to make the 5th gen iPad thinner and lighter than ever before.

Presently, the existing 4th gen full size iPad uses glass on glass touchscreen assembly making it bulky when compared to that of the iPad Mini. The G/F2 or Glass on Thin Film Technology was first employed by Apple on the iPad Mini to great success and will now use the same for the next iteration of the iPad.

From Digitimes:

“The supply chain for Apple’s next-generation 9.7-inch iPad will be similar to the iPad Mini’s, with Japan-based Nitto expected to supply thin-film materials and Nissha Printing touch screen modules, noted the sources. Taiwan-based TPK will be responsible for the device’s lamination while LG Display (LGD) and Sharp will provide panels”

The 5th gen iPad is expected to be thinner and lighter as it has been rumored to take design cues from the iPad Mini meaning it would have a slimmer profile with the unit’s bezel having very thin borders on the sides and somewhat thinner ones top and bottom.

Another reason which prompted Apple to consider this technology is the fact that the would-be-tapped suppliers (Nitto and Nissha) have the manufacturing capabilities to keep up with Apple’s supply demand and adhere to its strict delivery schedule of said parts for the next gen full-size iPad.

Release date for the 5th gen iPad?

Well, considering Apple has just released the 4th gen iPad with lightning connector recently, it would be safe to say that Apple would let some precious time go by first so that people could buy their latest outing and not piss them off by unleashing another one that quick. I’d say we’re looking at a year-end refresh of the iPad line but then again when Apple is concerned, we’ll never really know…


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