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My nephew Nathan Gabriel was born last January and he and his parents come to visit us every weekend. Although Baby Nathan sleeps soundly, we still have to take turns going to the bedroom just to check that everything is alright as he sleeps. While this routine is not really a bother, we wanted a better way to keep an eye on him and be able to chat with my cousin and have fun at the same time.

Oh sure, there are lots of baby monitor and security apps in the Apple’s AppStore and most of them offer similar functions and services any garden variety baby monitor app should. But one app that really stands out is Baby Monitor 3G because, as its moniker implies, it has one feature that others don’t have right now: 3G.

Baby Monitor 3G developed by TappyTaps offers the same great features that other monitor and security apps in the market offer but what makes the app remarkable and truly deserving its name is its 3G capabilities. The app itself is a very small download coming in at 16.2 MB and being a universal app, it will install on any idevice like the iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad running iOS 4.2 and up.

Installation is easy enough and you can use it on several iDevices without buying separate license for each device by using iTunes home sharing. Of course to use Baby Monitor 3G you have to have it installed on at least 2 iDevices. One device serves as the Baby Station while the other one (preferably and iPhone or iPod Touch, but any iDevice will do) functions as the Parent Station. Basically, that’s all there is to it. Once each device is set, you just leave the Baby Station in little Junior’s room and you carry the other device with you so you’ll be able to see and hear everything that goes on in baby’s room using any available connection – not only Wi-Fi but 3G and EDGE as well.

The developer’s focus on reliability when they created the app assures you that nothing will keep you from keeping a watchful eye on your precious little one.

The app also has the following great features:

  • 2-way audio communication with your child
  • Baby Voice Booster to amplify any noise that your child makes
  • Baby Camera function to see what is happening in the baby’s room
  • Easy to set up, easy to use
  • No distance limitations
  • Supports iPhone 3G and above — anything that can run iOS 4.2
  • Works on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

The app’s interface is very intuitive making it extremely easy to use. Even big brother or big sister can use it to keep an eye on little Junior.

We’ve been using Baby Monitor 3G for about two weeks now and it has been a charm. It allows Baby Nathan and his parents to visit us anytime they want and let us enjoy each other’s company – having the peace of mind that Baby Nathan is in his room sleeping safe and soundly.

Baby Monitor 3G is available now from the AppStore.

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