Should You Buy iPad 2 Now or Wait to Buy the iPad 3?

iPad 3Is that a trick question? For the fanboy, it would be a no brainer. Of course, we’ll wait for the iPad 3 (and 4 and 5…) when it eventually comes out. With all the reports and the rumors going around the net right now, no wonder the competitors are all scrambling to get their tablets out – before Apple rains on their parade by announcing the iPad 3 is coming.

This recent article announced that Apple’s suppliers are slowing down the production of iPad 2 parts (but not totally at standstill). This will make room for the production of iPad 3 components and their partners have already started shipping parts to Apple’s OEM manufacturing plants in China.  With this new development, analyst say that we could be seeing the next iteration of the iPad (let’s call it the iPad 3 for now) in about three to four months.

With tablets leading the pack as the gift most desired by consumers this year and the iPad 2 on top of the heap of the most wanted tablet of them all, you must be wondering if you should buy Apple’s premier iDevice or just wait a couple of more months to get your hands on the iPad 3.

Is the iPad 3 worth the wait and all the hype it is getting right now? What features do you think would make the iPad 3 worthy of all these attention and anticipation?

For starters, the next generation iPad 3 is rumored to sport a tantalizingly bright and crisp Retina Display with a screen resolution double that of the present iPad 2 which will make it the most pixel-dense display of all tablets in the market right now. That alone could make your head spin with the dizzying possibilities the new display can offer to both apps and games specifically optimized for the iPad. This, plus the new A6 processor which would power the iPad 3, would make it the tablet to beat (again) in 2012.

What else? Hmm…of course we would expect some physical changes, perhaps a sleeker and thinner profile, if this is still possible. Better front (5 megapixel) and back (at least 8 megapixels) facing cameras would also be great. How about a standard USB port? No, I think that would be asking too much from Apple.  I would be happy with the Retina Display and the A6 processor.

Anyway, to get back to our question : should you wait to buy the iPad 3? Well, it really depends. If it’s for your own use, I would say go for the iPad 3.  Just a couple of months more and you’ll have what everyone is dreaming of today. If it’s a GIFT for someone you love this Christmas, then by all means buy the iPad 2. Make their holiday a happy one by being Santa and giving the best technology present anyone can have this season.

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Lito loves tweaking his iDevices and would love to see iOS 6 & iPhone 6 Jailbroken.