iPad 3 Shipment To The U.S. From Foxconn?

What you see above is the supposed shipment of the iPad 3 being loaded on board a plane bound for the United States.

This breaking news came from our friends at 9to5Mac and they also quoted their source that not only will the iPad 3 be on route today to the U.S., but Apple may also introduce not one but two new products during the media event the company will hold this coming March.

“Friends broke the news: Chengdu International Airport at major international cargo charter flights, cargo owners demanding security, from CTU takeoff by stop PVG Shanghai, and then directly to ORD Chicago, the JFK New York, LAX in Los Angeles, March 9, completed before transport. According to the privately disclosed the Chengdu F production for the U.S. A company’s latest products…”- pandaapp.com

This is very exciting news indeed for all Apple enthusiasts out there. We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about the Apple TV so it’s only logical to think that the other product to be announced during the media event would be Apple’s pet project.

We all know that all these rumors won’t stop until we have the next iteration of Apple’s premier tablet is in our hands and if we consider all the buzz surrounding the magical device including all the supposedly leaked parts, then perhaps it would be safe to say that the culmination of everything written and read these last few weeks would be on March 7 – the day the iPad 3 will be introduced to the eagerly awaiting masses.

Why March 7? It may or may not be exactly on March 7, but knowing Apple’s annual cycle of releasing new products, March would be the ideal month for the announcement and subsequent release two weeks after. You may remember that Apple also announced and released the iPad 2 in March last year so Apple’s annual cycle would be complete if the iPad 3 will see a March unveiling.

I, for one, have been anxiously waiting for any official announcement from Apple but then again the silence emanating from the Cupertino Company further assures me that they are really up to something.  The recently held Apple’s stockholders meeting where Tim Cook boldly revealed their plan to produce “mind blowing” devices for 2012 further ignites the flames that Apple will be headlining the news for the most part of the year.

Anyway, only a couple of more days and March will be upon us so we better keep our fingers crossed and hope that all these rumors and the silence from Apple would bring us the much-anticipated iPad 3 (or whatever Apple may want to call it).

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