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Meteoric Download Manager HD

My work requires me to commute every single day, so I have a lot of files and data which I store in my ever-dependable iPad 2. Thing is, I also receive a multitude of emails from suppliers and clients with attachments that need to be downloaded, printed and filed.  I also have tons of multimedia content in the cloud which I absolutely must backup (just in case something goes wrong). Therefore, I also need an easy and secure method of downloading files to my iPad so I can quickly back them up to my desktop.

The solution: Meteoric Download Manger

The download was very quick since the Meteoric Download Manager was a mere 6.1 MB in size.  Installation was a no-brainer and I got the app up and running in no time. Since it was the first time I opened the app, I was presented with a very familiar, browser-like interface which opened to the app’s quick start-up guide.  I browsed through the manual to get an idea of how things worked, but you really don’t need do this because the app is very intuitive and newbie-friendly.  You just have to remember that Meteoric Download Manager relies a lot on tap and tap gestures. And that’s it. Very easy.

Now, to do some serious downloading, all I had to do was to surf the regular way: tap the address bar and type in the URL of the site I want to visit. I gave the app a very hard task to start with. A business partner sent me a text message saying he sent me an email with a very big attachment (boring work stuff but nonetheless important). I decided to try this one with the Meteoric Download Manager. You know what?  Nothing to it! The app worked exactly as expected – It downloaded the 10 MB data file without a hitch and very fast!  I was totally impressed!

Version 2.0 of the Meteoric Download Manager had been improved to polish all of its already great features, like the Media Grabber which intercepts and grabs most iOS compatible multimedia content.  Digital Poke’s custom API’s allow you to easily control the app using simple gestures and taps (long taps) on targeted content.

Tap the options menu and you can choose (again, by simply tapping on a command) what to do with files, like save it with the same or a different file name.

The built-in file manager gives you the power to edit, move or delete the downloaded files with ease using the same tap command.  Not only that, the built-in file manager also lets you zip/unzip files and folders and preview downloaded files and multimedia content before deciding what to do with them.

Another nifty feature of the Meteoric Download Manager is its ability to sync with Firefox – which I find very useful because I have numerous bookmarks in Firefox … and I don’t want to manually enter them again.  This app makes the job of importing my links and bookmarks from Firefox a breeze.

A stand out feature of the Meteoric Download Manager is its ability to send files to my online cloud storage, Dropbox. I keep all of my often-accessed files and data in Dropbox so that wherever I am, I can always get to my files with one tap of a button.

For entertainment, I have tons of mp3 and video files online and the built-in Media Player allow me to play them instantly after downloading them via the Meteoric Download Manager.

For instantaneous access to my favorite sites, the Magic Bar lets me add bookmarks on the fly and this is easily accessed by just pulling the page down and releasing it.  Out pops the Magic Bar. Simply genius!  Along with this are user-selectable Plugins which further extends the functionality of the app.

Finally, I tested the Live Streaming feature of the Meteoric Download Manager and I was able to play my favorite songs using my other iDevices (mostly iPod Touches and my brother’s iPhone 4) without a hitch.

Meteoric Download Manager has made my search for a decent download manager come to an end.  I would definitely recommend this app to anyone out there looking for ease of use and at a price of just $2.99 from the App Store, you won’t find another one even close to its intuitive use and great functionality. 9.75 Out of 10.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review.

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