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I don’t own a DSLR camera. (I am saving up to buy one, but need  an iPad case first). But I do have my favorite iDevice right now, the iPad 2… and after scouring the App Store for an app which could give me the feel of having a DSLR camera, I found ProCamera 3 – and what a find it has turned out to be!

ProCamera has been updated to version 3.1.1, and has been totally maxed out to include new features like the RapidFire mode, Photo-Based Navigations and Social Network integration. But before we get to those juicy features, let me first tell you about my experience using the ProCamera 3.1.1 app.

Being a novice, wannabe photographer, I’m having second thoughts about buying a SLR camera because my experience with the ProCamera 3.1.1 has been exceptional so far.

The app’s interface is very clean and everything was placed within the fingers reach -  which makes it very intuitive and newbie–friendly. You will find the PRO button in the lower left hand corner and by tapping that button you can access the Settings and Albums & Studio. Tapping the Settings button will open up the apps configuration screen which allows you to set the following: sound, the self-timer, expert mode, rapidfire mode, auto-save function, full resolution function, system sounds, geo-tagging feature, zoom buttons, fullscreen trigger and anti-shake options.  The screen also provides access to the user’s manual as well some tips and tricks for using the app.

Going to the middle, you have the camera/video mode toggle, the shutter button, and on the lower right hand corner, we find a sold triangle which, when tapped, gives instant access to all the functions in the Settings screen.

The zoom buttons are conveniently placed on either side of the app screen for easier thumb controls: zoom out (-) on the left side while zoom in (+) on the right side.  By the way, the app has 6X digital zoom which I find quite adequate for my modest needs.

Because I only have the iPad 2 to test the app on, logically, this review will be limited as to how the app delivered the goods on my somewhat limited iDevice.  Remember that the iPad 2 does not have a built-in flash so I mostly did my test shots outdoors and the ProCamera 3.1.1 produced very clear photos despite the wind and my shaking hands.  The app’s anti-shake feature did its job well.

Next, I tried the zoom function by taking test shots at each zoom setting.  I admit that as the zoom setting became higher, the image became blurry but we know that this is not the apps fault.  Perhaps it may take better pictures at these settings with the iPhone 4 (which I may test in the near future using not the iPhone 4 but, if I get lucky, the iPhone 5).

What really impressed me is ProCamera 3.1.1’s RapidFire mode which I use to take continuous photos of my friends doing tricks on their skateboards. As you may know, skateboarding involves very quick actions which are very difficult to capture using ordinary point and shoot cameras; even those equipped with continuous shot modes. But with ProCamera’s RapidFire mode (up to 12 shots/second), I was able to catch everything.

Of course, taking photos would not be any fun if you could not share them with your friends. ProCamera 3.1.1 has the solution for this.  The Social Network integration lets you instantly share photos by directly uploading them to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr either selectively or in bulk.  I tried uploading a bunch the photos I took yesterday to Facebook and I was able to do it automatically. All I had to do was select all the photos I wanted to upload and sent them on their way.

Now not all of the pictures I took turned out the way I wanted them to but with the ProCamera’s built-in Pro Studio Series ( Pro Lab , Pro FX, and Pro Cut), I was able to make very good corrections and almost professional enhancements to my pictures with just a few taps and slides.  Everything I needed to edit and improve my pictures was readily available in the app. No wonder the app garnered almost all the awards and praises from users and app reviewers alike.  It is really that good.

Perhaps it was fate that I haven’t gotten my DSLR yet.  If I did, then I would not have the chance of trying out this great app first and would not have experienced its DSLR-like potential.  Now that I have this on my iPad 2, not having a top of the line SLR camera isn’t that bad anymore. On a scale of 1 to 10, this one is easily a 9.5! Great app at a very reasonable price.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review.

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