iPad 3 Has a Retina Display! (Maybe)

iPad 3 Retina Display

Finally, my iPad Retina Display prayers have been answered! The razor sharp retina display will be included in iPad 3 (hopefully, it’s available in early 2012 – can you say tax return?)

No Retina Display for iPad 2

In June 2010, 9to5mac found evidence of a retina display for iPad. Unfortunately, the iPad 2 didn’t have the higher resolution screen. Instead, it launched with the default, ugly, stone-aged display that sucks… and is the only reason I haven’t bought an iPad… yet. (When I do buy it, I’m definitely getting this kick ass iPad Case & Keyboard)

How about iPad 3?

Fast forward to June 14, 2011. TechUnwrapped.com finds more details about a potential retina display for iPad. Now, this display isn’t quite as high as the iPhone 4, but it’s double the resolution of the current screen in iPad 2.

(Nerd-a-licous Side Note: The iPhone 4 retina display is about 320dpi. The new iPad version will be around 260dpi. Not as sharp, but you don’t hold the iPad as close to your face, so it should be awesome.)

The Apple Blogs jumped on the new retina display story and offered their own take on the discovery / rumors / dream:

From Electronista.com:

Apple is widely presumed to be working on a Retina Display-like iPad screen for a model that would most likely show in early 2012. Hopes had briefly emerged that it might show for what became the iPad 2.

From MacRumors.com:

More evidence has emerged to suggest that a future version of the iPad will sport a “Retina” display with a resolution of 2048×1536, or double the horizontal and vertical pixels of the current iPad.

I’m buying iPad 3 (if it has retina display)

Yes, I’m definitely buying iPad 3… if it has the higher resolution screen. I’ve been spoiled by the retina display in iPhone 4. The screen is unbelievable… It’s like comparing CD sound to a record player. Once you hear a CD, you can’t go back to records. And the same with retina display: you can’t go backwards. Well, I can’t.

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