iPad 3 with Retina Display Launching in Early 2012

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This is just between you and me – any news and information about all upcoming  Apple iDevices turns me into a bloodhound.  And this one about the iPad 3 particularly, makes me a drooling werewolf. Ewwwww…

Back to reality, folks.  Though this isn’t any surprise, Apple seems to be ramping up its development for the next iteration of the King of Tablets, the iPad 3, by placing bulk orders of various components used in making the tablet from its partner manufacturers and assemblers in Taiwan, China and elsewhere.  This is being done in preparation for the trial production run of the iPad 3 which may start in October this year.  The report says that Mr. Jobs’ Cupertino Company has ordered vital components such as display panels and the A6 chip which would power the much-awaited tablet from Apple.

Typical of Apple releasing an iteration of its iDevices on an annual basis, the next gen iPad 3 is expected to debut early 2012, keeping in line with the tablet’s release yearly during April or thereabout.

It would be interesting to note that during the early stages of development for the iPad 2, rumors were aplenty that it would come out with a Retina display panel similar to the iPhone 4 when it launched.  That was a no go and the iPad 2 was unleashed without the higher resolution Retina display.  Anyway, this bit of disappointment did not deter fanboys (and girls) from buying our beloved iDevice (see how loyal we are).

Now that the iPad 3 is in the final stages of its incarnation/development, we are again anticipating a much more pixel-dense Retina display of at least 2048 x 1536 resolution (double the 1024 x 768 resolution of the iPad 2).

Another component supplier for Apple implied that the latter has already placed an order for various components which when used could produce a million and a half iPad 3s in the fourth quarter of this year alone.  Apple is really anticipating heavy demand for its iconic device early next year.

Like most US-based companies, Apple does not manufacture its products itself but instead partners with manufacturing firms abroad (mostly in Taiwan and China) to assemble their products to Apple’s design and specification.  This is scheme enables Apple to save of manufacturing cost particularly on labor thus allowing the company to price its products both aggressively and competitively benefiting us consumers.

It is still more than a couple of months before 2012 and in between then and now, anything can happen.  Let’s Mr. Jobs will be satisfied with the prototype of the iPad 3 so that all of us eagerly awaiting next “it” device won’t have to wait much longer.

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