iPad 3 Rumors

iPadThe iPad 3 is supposed to have the most changes under the hood and still be cheaper than its predecessors when it launches. There are a lot of rumors about the new tablet – too many to count, but let’s break down the most interesting features and see what the iPad 3 might have in store for us when it’s revealed.

The iPad 3 Will Have a Higher Resolution Display

This is the main feature that everyone is expecting to see in the iPad 3, and judging by the latest information, it is highly likely that the device will have double the resolution of the current 9.7 inch 1024×768 pixels screen. There are some photos online of a purported iPad 3 display, and the unit has double the pixel count – there’s little reason to doubt that the information is accurate.

Also supporting the doubled resolution is the fact that iOS apps can’t scale well and the easiest way to support the existing apps on a new display is to double the resolution. Plus, 2048×1536 pixels will definitely be more than enough for Apple to breathe free for several years before the competition catches up.

Quad Core Processor

There’s almost no doubt that the iPad 3 will be running on Apple’s new A6 processor, however whether it will be a quad core or a fast dual core remains to be seen. There are indications that the A6 will come in two versions – a higher clocked dual core (which will most likely go into the iPhone 5) and a quad core. It seems logical that a tablet would get a quad core, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Besides, as the Qualcomm Krait has demonstrated, a fast dual core can match a quad core in speed and consume less power at the same time.

Support for 4G LTE Networks and NFC Sensors

It’s pretty much guaranteed that the iPad 3 will be sporting a 4G LTE radio on the inside, since just about every other Android tablet has it and networks in the US are switching to the new standard pretty quickly, which will make 3G devices outdated within a few months. The NFC sensor is still a wild rumor, but the new iOS version has support for NFC, and adding a small radio shouldn’t be a problem for Apple.

5 or 8 Megapixel Main Camera

The iPad 2 has two cameras and can take HD video, but it’s definitely not good for photos. The iPad 3 is supposed to fix that with a bigger main camera, probably 5 or even 8 megapixels – it seems like the logical thing to do for the next model.

128GB Version and a Bigger Battery

The price for the iPad 3 will start lower than it did for the previous two models, and seeing as Apple has acquired a company making Flash memory, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume they’ll have a 128GB or at least 96GB version that will cost as much as the current most expensive version of the iPad 2. Also, the addition of a 4G LTE radio will undoubtedly lower the battery life of the device, and to remedy that, Apple would have to use a bigger battery – so far, it looks like that will be the case.

iPad 3 Launch Date?

The iPad 3 is supposed to be revealed sometime at the beginning of spring, in March to be exact. There is some evidence that Apple is preparing a big event dedicated to a new launch – they skipped the MWC at the end of February for it. I guess we’ll have to patiently wait and see what the company has got in stock for its fans.

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