Is Your iPad Safe from Virus & Security Threats?

iPad Virus

The iPad is a breakthrough in technological innovation. Even with all of the other tablets on the market Apple has really set the bar high with their latest product that is sweeping the globe and finding its way into the hands of doctors, teachers, businessmen, parents, and children. The big question that many people have is whether or not the iPad is safe?

Viruses are running rampant in the cyber world, and even though Apple has stayed relatively immune from cyber-attacks, is the iPad 2 any different?


The iPad is based on apps. You can’t really download anything with it, and that means your device will be more secure. Since viruses have to be downloaded this should be a burden off of your shoulders. But still a few people have been complaining about security threats that pop up now and then saying that their system is infected on their iPad 2. But this is really a scam and a fairly harmless one at that since you cannot download any kind of virus.

The App Store

The biggest vulnerability may seem like the app store. There you can find everything from apps to help you find a Starbucks, to apps that will help you with your online banking. But before any app hits the market, Apple is very vigilant in making sure that it is safe and will not cause a security threat with their device.

It has been an annoying thing for app developers to have to wait for their apps to get approved, but in the long run it is better for the company because it ensures quality with their system which in turn, makes more satisfied customers. All of these security measures help them to protect your iPad and also to protect your identity.

It’s a good thing that right now there are no viruses that can get onto your iPad because there are also no anti-virus programs that you can buy for your tablet. But there are still hackers out there who try to beat the system. There were a few security vulnerabilities with the iPad before but they have been sealed up. There have been simple .png files that executed some arbitrary shell code to a PDF file, but these problems have been solved and should no longer be an issue.

Jail Broken iPads

As long as your iPad is not jail-broken you should be safe from security threats and you can just enjoy using it to surf the web, do a conference call, check your balance, or whatever else you do with one of the greatest gadgets of all time. Apple takes care of their customers and if you should find that your iPad is causing some problems you can always let them know. This is why it is best not to try to alter your iPad in any way because you don’t want to void the warranty either.

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