Breathe New Life To Your iDevices With Whited00r 5.1

Perhaps you may still have some old iDevices lying around the house – forgotten that you owned them in the first place or maybe just simply forgotten that they are still there – gathering dust, feeling unloved and unwanted.

I still have my iPod video and my 1st gen iPod Touch with me but they are not forgotten and they are well cared for. Aside from my trusty year-old iPad 2, I usually carry that 1st gen iPod Touch with me when I want something easy to whip out while riding the 4:14 train home.

Yes, that 1st gen iPod Touch is still in pristine condition and still works extremely well considering its age. I bought it the year it came out which would make it about 5 or 6 years old but because I’m such an iDevice freak, that 1st gen iPod Touch was well taken care of.

Of course Apple has discontinued support and updates for it a long time ago and I have to admit that I am already feeling its slow down after using the more recent hardware from the fruit company but that doesn’t mean I have to ditch it and send it to hardware heaven. I knew that some hacker/developer out there still cared to tinker with the old hardware and come up with something that could make this iDevice new again.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

Whited00r breathes new life to old iDevices like the iPhone 2G-3G and iPod Touch 1G-2G.

“Whited00r is the biggest community about iOS modding and firmware cooking in the world.  We provide modded Software Update for your device. Installing whited00r you will get a fully optimized device, just in a few minutes, with a simple restore of your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Your device will be fast and productive again. Whited00r is the best solution for your Apple device, both for power and inexperienced users.”

So how do I find Whited00r? It has simply resurrected my old iPod Touch! The latest Whited00r release brings most of iOS 5.1 features like multitasking, folders, newsstand, and iCloud (among others) to older iDevices without slowing it down. This means that we get almost all the goodies of iOS 5.1 without the need to buy need hardware and makes our old hardware “new” and useful again.

Installation is very easy and the Whited00r website provides a step-by-step instruction on how to go about getting the update on your devices. There is also a thriving community of Whited00r users so if you should run into some issues/problems with the installation or Whited00r itself, you’re just a forum away from help.

So don’t throw your old iDevices away or just let them gather dust in a closet somewhere. Just install Whited00r and it will be good as new. I bet it would make a great present for a niece or a nephew, or better yet, you can decide to give it to charity where some cool kid will really enjoy it! Just think how warm you would feel knowing you made someone very happy…

[Cheesy, I know.]

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Lito loves tweaking his iDevices and would love to see iOS 6 & iPhone 6 Jailbroken.