Delightful Learning App for Kids – Dr. Doodah: 100 First Things

Sophia, my niece, is three years old and she is just starting to discover the magic of talking; how her constant babbling brings different emotions to the faces of the people around her. Good thing I found this app which captured Sophie’s fancy and I can tell from the gleam in her eyes that she very much enjoys learning from it when we share some quality time using it.

Dr. Doodah: 100 First Things is an iOS app specially designed with toddlers 1 ½ years old plus in mind.  Upon opening the app, children are greeted by Dr. Doodah himself looking all Einstein-y with his groovy hair and all.  The user interface is very easy to navigate but for first time users (younger children specially), it would be better for mom or dad (or in my case, this uncle) to help in initially setting up the app so that the child could be shown what to do.

The welcome screen shows Start, Options, My Score and Recommend.  As mentioned, it would wise to setup the app first with help of an adult before letting your child take control.  For beginners, you can set it up using the baby option which shows both pictures and words, as well as the fatherly-like voice which actually speaks the words for each picture shown, on the “things” as the child plays along in the game.  This would be very ideal for youngster just learning how to speak. Another option lets you to just show the pictures and let the child hear the name of the object being shown.  This setting is for middle to advance children who are already comfortable speaking basic words. This setting lets them say the words after Dr. Doodah has spoken the name of the object touched and shown. Really neat and this one tickled Sophie because of the speaker’s accent specially when he spoke “monster” for the blue creature shown in the app.

The final setting, the spelling mode, is designed for more advance users since in this option the object takes center stage when touched and the child has to spell the name of the object shown.  This is the reason I mentioned that the app should be initially set up by an adult because if the child is presented with this setting first, he might find it daunting and might quickly lose interested, but if the app is setup well and given to the child in order, then the app really shines and captures the child’s attention easily.

Aside from these basic settings, you also have the options of setting it up using alphabetical, thematic or even random listing of the pictures shown.  There are lots of themes in the app like the kitchen, the children’s room, the playground and the beach just to mention a few.  Very vivid and colorful graphics of everyday things are presented for the child to enjoy, identify and speak the names.

Although the app has a very simple concept, it does not lack substance and hits its target audience right smack where they are. If Sophie’s laughter and enthusiastic tapping of the screen is an indication of what a child’s app should be then I would say Dr. Doodah: 100 First Things is a real winner!

You can get both versions now from the app store for free (basic version) or for $1.99 (full version).

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review.

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