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With apps for just about every educational or business need as well as thousands of apps for games, shopping, fashion and going out it is little surprise that there are also some great apps out there for food lovers and foodies. If you’re the kind of person who prides themselves on only wanting to consume the best and finest food and drink out there, and on putting a great deal of care and attention into your cooking and your dining, then these five apps are essential purchases for you:

1. Dinner Spinner

(click to download) A wonderful free app from AllRecipes.com, Dinner Spinner is the classic foodie app. Having been around for quite a while Dinner Spinner has now amassed thousands of recipes from the main website (including some wonderful deserts!) and is a lifesaver if you are stuck for something to cook. You can either search for specific meals and recipes or you can spin the Dinner Spinner to browse through the recipes by time taken to prepare, ingredients or type of dish. Although it is free you’ll love it so much you’ll quickly upgrade to the $2.99 Pro Dinner Spinner.

2. Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List

(click to download) Packed to the brim with an incredible 30,000 recipes from top chefs, leading cookbooks and popular magazines there is almost too much to get through in this free app. Pick a random food type such as pie and you might well end up overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of choice in front of you. Nevertheless, a fantastic app to browse and dream of what you might be cooking and eating later on that day.

3. Open Table

(click to download) There are now more than 17,000 restaurants (and growing) across the US, UK and Canada who have signed up to Open Table and with whom you can now make free restaurant reservations simply and easily. A wonderful app that has won numerous awards from sites like AppPicker and Cnet, you can use it to search for restaurants by location and proximity, neighborhood or city, price range or cuisine.

4. Fooducate

(click to download) This app has been reviewed and featured endlessly in magazines and on TV and has been recommended by everyone from NBC, Fox, ABC, Gizmodo and Lifehacker to the NY Times and USA Today. It allows you to shop for food that contains only the best and healthiest ingredients by scanning the barcodes and telling you what is contained therein. Currently able to scan more than 200,000 bar codes (and rising) this is a brilliant app to take with you on your weekly shop and for steering clear of all those nasty E numbers.

5. Jamie’s Recipes

(click to download) Love him or loathe him Jamie Oliver has done a great deal to get the masses interested in cooking more than chicken and chips and this recipes app is no exception. When using the app you are presented with a summary of the dish and the recipe, a list of ingredients you will need and the steps you need to take to cook it. There are hundreds of recipes including Greek Salad and lemon and Herb Chicken. A nice bonus are the video guides that come with the recipes. You can also buy extra packs of recipes if you want more inspiration.

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