How To Block Your iPhone’s Number From Caller ID

Ever wish you could make a call from your iPhone without your phone number showing up on the other end? You’re in luck because there’s a very simple setting to turn your iPhone’s caller ID OFF.

Why turn your Caller ID off? I dunno. Maybe you have to call somebody that you don’t want to talk to… And you know this person doesn’t ever answer blocked phone calls. BINGO! Now you can call that bastard and safely leave a message without talking to them.

TIP: When leaving the message, DON’T give your number! Instead, say something like “I’m sure you’ve got caller ID. This is my cell phone number so call me back…”

Open Settings

Tap the Settings button on your iPhone.

Phone Settings

Tap the Phone button

Show My Caller ID Setting

Now tap Show My Caller ID

Switch Caller ID to OFF

Now move the slider to OFF

Your Caller ID Is Blocked!

Now your caller ID will be blocked for every call you make on your iPhone. To turn your caller ID ON, go back to the slider and move it back to ON.

Good or Evil?

1. Call up your ex and tell ‘em what a @*&^ing @!&*(#&$) they are.
2. Call your current boy/girlfriend at the wee hours of the morning just to make sure they’re not cheating on you.
3. Call a friend over and over just to drain their cell battery

Those are just a few ideas I came up with really quick. I’m sure you’ve got some too. Let loose – go wild. Nobody will know…

Will you use this Caller ID Tip for good or for evil? Let me know in the comments.

P.S. I’m not responsible if this blocked caller ID doesn’t work on other phones. I only tested it on an iPhone…. So it should work because everybody has an iPhone, right? Even if it doesn’t work and you get busted, you’re on your own, pal.

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