How To Fix The iPhone Ear Speaker

Have you pulled the headphones out of your iPhone – causing the ear speaker to stop working? And the only way to hear anything is to put the headphones back in? Doesn’t that frustrate the hell out of you?

Me too. It happened to me and almost everyone I know who owns an iPhone! Luckily, I was able to fix the speaker in about 2 seconds – and you can too:

The good news is you don’t have to take it to the Genius Bar AND the speaker isn’t broken – Here’s the simple fix:

  1. You were probably listening to music, watching a movie or a YouTube video, or using the phone right?
  2. You yanked the headphones out of the jack during one of the activities in #1 – right?
  3. Perfect. Just stick the headphones back into the jack and start doing whatever you were doing when you pulled the headphones out (listening to music, watching a movie, etc.)
  4. You should be able to hear the sound in the headphones.
  5. Now click the “Pause” button in your movie, song or video.
  6. Remove the headphones again
  7. Try making a phone call
  8. It works!

This iPhone fix did not come easy. I played around with it forever and was ready to drive to the Apple Store / Genius Bar and demand a replacement iPhone (just like my buddy Dave did when he had the same problem! oops.)

Honestly, I was surprised as anybody when my little fix worked. And overjoyed when I realized that I didn’t have to take the iPhone in for service… Because I probably would have bought something at the Apple Store! I’m a sucker for shiny Apple products.

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