iPhone 4 Review – After 2 Months of Usage

Retina Display

As Engadget pointed out, there’s an incredible amount of features to review in the iPhone 4 – That’s not what this post is about. After using the iPhone 4 for 2 months (June 24th – August 24th), this is a review of my favorite features. In fact, if someone asked me why I love the iPhone 4, this is exactly what I’d say. It’s a mini-review, I guess… Let’s get on with it:

Retina Display

The iPhone 4 display is crystal clear. Compared to my original, 1st generation iPhone it… Well, it doesn’t compare. They’re not in the same league. The text is so sharp, it’s an absolute joy to read email & surf the web on the iPhone 4. Plus, reading large amounts of text (or entire books) on iPhone 4 is easily accomplished without the typical eyestrain from working on a computer (or my 1st gen iPhone). The retina display is, in my opinion, the best feature of the new iPhone because it makes every app, text, photo & video look better.

The Camera

The iPhone 4 camera is amazing. You might be thinking “the iPhone 4 only has a 5 megapixel camera. The HTC Evo has 8 megapixels!” Yes, you are correct. However, the number of megapixels doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s like Cindy (a kick ass web designer & photographer) told me, “More megapixels lets you print larger photos, but it’s the quality of the lens & sensor that makes great photos.” Of course, Cindy is right.

To show the high quality of the photos, here are a couple of pics I shot with the iPhone 4:

Alfa Romeo 8C

Dachshund photo

*note* The photos above have not been edited – just cropped to fit on this page. In fact, you can see the EXIF data here & here.

iPhone 4 Review Completed

Sure, there are tons of new features in the iPhone 4 like FaceTime, multitasking, HD video, etc… But the 2 features I enjoy the most are the retina display and the camera. Maybe after 3 months I’ll add another “favorite” to this list… maybe.

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