5 Reasons to Buy iPhone 5

The fifth generation iPhone will make its debut in late summer this year. Since the rumors leaking out regarding the iPhone 5, there has been a bit controversy regarding network providers and if AT&T customers would switch to Verizon.

Regardless of the provider, Apple sure knows what’s in store for the newest and greatest iPhone. The iPhone 5 is going to be fully equipped with amazing new features such as face recognition security, dual core processor, sleeker body design and extended battery life.

Below is a deeper look into the (rumored) features of iPhone 5, and why you’re going to want one.

1. Video Chat From Anywhere

Currently due to the restrictions associated with the WIFI-only limitations, FaceTime will soon be available outside of the home. Therefore, with the 4G network, video chat will become accessible anywhere, anytime with the iPhone 5.

2. Face Recognition Security

There has been several reports regarding Apple and the potential purchase of a Sweden-based tech firm specializing in facial recognition technologies and similar applications that are able to identify users based on their unique facial characteristics. The iPhone 5 may be utilizing facial recognition as an added security feature.

3. More Storage Space

2009 was the last time that Apple increased the capacity of the iPhone. Therefore, iPhone 5 should have at least 64 GB of memory. The iPod touch is already at a 64 GB, which is usually a step behind the iPhone.

4. Dual Core Processor

The next generation iPhone will have dual core processors along with improved graphics, making for even better delivery of high res videos and photography.

5. Extended Battery Life

iPhone 5 will have about 14 hours of talk time on 3G and about 7 hours projected on 4G with a standby of 600 hours (twice the standby time of the iPhone 4).

Will you buy iPhone 5?

The new iPhone 5 is hitting the market this summer – and will be better & faster then the last. That’s why you’ll be drooling over iPhone 5. Bring it on Apple!

Guest post by Lorna Horne. Lorna is a tech and gadget freelance writer who does all of her note taking and blogging from the convenience of her Apple iPhone 4… but have no fear, she definitely wants to get an iPhone 5 when they come out.

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