Max Payne for iPad & iPhone

Max PayneAfter seeing Neo do his bullet dodging ballet in the original Matrix movie, I was hooked to anything and everything Bullet Time, and when the original Max Payne game for the PC came out ten years ago, I definitely had to play it.

Now Max Payne publisher for consoles, Rockstar Games, has announced that they have released both an iOS and Android version of the original Max Payne game. The iOS version launched a bit earlier (April 12) than the Android version (coming April 26) which has always been the usual schedule for game releases like this.

For those of you too young to remember Max Payne on the PC or the console, the game tells the story of our hero dragged into a world of drugs and violence when his wife and daughter were brutally murdered by three thugs high on a new designer drug called Valkyr. Max becomes an undercover agent whose mission is to bust the drug syndicate responsible for Valkyr, thus finally avenging the death of his loved ones.  Simple? Not really, because the plot then takes its complicated twists and turns as Max encounters bank robbers and Mafia men and becomes the prime suspect for the killing of his friend Alex, another agent, when he was still undercover.

Thrilling, isn’t it?

But what makes the game very interesting is Bullet Time. It is the first game of its kind in its genre to use this Matrix-like slow motion effect made famous by the movie. It was great on the PC and the console and I bet it would even be greater on iOS devices with accelerometer controls and all. Just imagine Bullet Time while turning your iDevices this way and that while the action follows every movement you make with your device.

The game features HD graphics, high resolution textures, customizable controls and of course connections to your favorite social network like Facebook and the rest.

Max Payne will be playable on all current iOS devices like the iPhone 3GS and up, iPod Touch 4th Gen, 1st and 2nd Gen iPads and the present apple of my eye – the new iPad with Retina Display.  No word yet on compatibility as to the Android version of the game but I’m sure any modern Android device will be able to rock Max Payne Mobile.

Click to download Max Payne from the App Store.

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