Top 10 Plastic Surgery Apps for iPhone

1. ModYourBod

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Mod Your Bod by Ivy Plastic Surgeons is a visualization tool. Photos can be taken and modified to simulate surgery. You can even send the images to a plastic surgeon to let them know exactly how you want the changes to be.

2. The Plastic Show

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Before and After Plastic Surgery brings together YouTube videos and other information on plastic surgery Patients. By comparing appearances, one can ask whether surgery is necessary. A great reality check if you’re getting obsessed. Many types of surgery are covered, including ultrasonic liposuction.

3. iLipo

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iLipo by Artistocrat Plastic Surgery lets you meet a “slimmer” version of yourself. Like Mod Your Bod, you see the effects of your surgery. Virtual consultations with the practice are available.

4. RealSelf

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RealSelf lets users decide whether or not the plastic surgery done on other people was “worth it.” A wealth of comparative information. Included are tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, ultrasonic liposuction and more – based on real user uploads.

5. FaceShifter

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FaceShifter Free allows you to swap new facial features in and out of your appearance. Save photos and share them with friends. It features a clear and easy interface to demonstrate facial liposuction.

6. Dr. Meger

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Dr. Meger is a good example of an app built by a surgeon looking to expand his practice. This app gives basic information about procedures including tummy tucks, facial liposuction, and more. Users can be connected with Dr. Merger.

7. BodyPlastika

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BodyPlastika has a sophisticated twist, modifying the “plastic” nature of the body to highlight ripple-effects from changes. Areas on the face and body can be molded to simulate liposuction, and images can be shared via email, Facebook or Twitter. Advanced graphics enhance the experience.

8. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is an iPhone app for anyone seeking liposuction or plastic surgery should consult. This powerhouse of information gives rankings and contact data for multiple surgeons across America. It’s backed by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

9. Scalpel

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Scalpel Plastic Surgeon Edition is a professional tool for surgeons. Patients may enjoy learning about the calculations and metrics involved in their surgery. The app offers access to information used by professionals, and is for advanced users only.

10. Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery is similar in its educational intent. Flash cards teach the user about surgery, including what to expect with different procedures. A great guide for surgeons in training and curious potential patients!

Bearing in mind that no app is a replacement for a live, trained plastic surgeon, these iPhone apps give prospective cosmetic surgery patients a lot to think about!

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