What’s The Name of the New iPhone? (Hint: It’s NOT iPhone 5)

What’s The Name of the New iPhone? (Hint: It’s NOT iPhone 5)

Yes, I’m buying the next iPhone when it’s released in the fall of 2012. The question is: What will the new iPhone be named?

I can guarantee it will NOT be named iPhone 5. Here’s why:

Let’s look at all versions of the iPhone:

  1. Original iPhone
  2. iPhone 3G
  3. iPhone 3GS
  4. iPhone 4
  5. iPhone 4S

See that? Apple has already created 5 different iPhones. That means the new iPhone this fall should be called iPhone 6 (if Apple names it strictly because it’s the sixth iPhone).

Apple could use 5 because most people THINK “the last one was 4, so the new one should be 5.”

If you want proof, just take a look at this chart from Google – the blue line shows the number of times “iPhone 5″ has been searched on Google in the past 12 months. The red line shows “iPhone 6″ searches:

Don’t bet on “iPhone 6″ Either

Apple is pretty good at explaining what it’s doing. If they go with iPhone 6, Tim Cook will casually take us through the history of all the iPhones. Showing us the new iPhone is the sixth version and will be named iPhone 6.

Apple & Tim Cook could do that. But I don’t think they will.

The Name: New iPhone

My guess is Apple will follow the current iPad strategy and drop all numbers.

The new iPhone will be known simply as “The New iPhone” – exactly like the current version of the iPad.

What About The Future

The real naming confusion will happen in a few years – assuming Apple doesn’t ever change the name of future iPhones.

If you buy an iPhone 3 years from now you’ll have to decide between the:

    • new iPhone
    • the iPhone from last year
    • or the iPhone from two years ago

Those choices sound crappy compared to the current selection of 3GS, 4 and 4S… But that could help Apple – maybe more people will buy the newest (most expensive) iPhone because who wants to tell people “I bought the new iPhone… from 2 years ago?”

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