Getting Axed: The iPod Classic and the iPod Shuffle

The very first Apple iDevice I ever owned was the now-ancient iPod Video way back in 2005.  Mind you, it was not known as the iPod Classic then but the iPod with Video and a square-ish profile. The follow up iPod “Classic” had a more streamlined and curvy body. On the other hand, Apple designed two versions of the iPod shuffle: a square and rectangle.

There has been several reports here and there that both iDevices may soon be heading to their retirement home perhaps in the newly constructed Apple Infinite Loop Campus in Cupertino and reminisce about “good old times”.

Apple mentioned that there would be a product transition during its last earning report. This may point to the rumored axing of the remaining non-touch iDevices – iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle. Of course, this news doesn’t come as a big surprise and I have been mulling it for some time now… even to the point of considering its iPod Touch could be affected by the recent events.  As we all know, the iPod Touch has been touted as an “iPhone minus the phone.” Though the iPod Touch has its own cult followers, things may soon change as Apple introduce its new line up of iDevices this October 4.

Being a holdover for more than ten years now, the iPod Classic is the only iDevice in Apple’s present line up which is still using a platter-based hard disc for storage. All of Apple’s other iDevices are equipped with SSD’s while the iPod Shuffle has been branded as a “USB devices capable of playing music” because of its lack of a screen.  It’s obvious why Apple is considering giving these two iDevices a silent exit and focusing on the more exciting and news worthy events this week.

I also fear that even the iPod Touch could be given the same treatment in a few years’ time. Although new reports suggest there could be an upgrade for the iPod Touch, the updates (an additional White iPod Touch and 3G capabilities) would be very minimal and could be considered negligible by today’s standards. Any improvements would overlap its rumored new sibling – the iPhone 4S – which can cannibalize the sales of the iPods either way – Not good for Apple.

I am more excited about the upcoming October Media Event. If Apple plans to discontinue both of these iPods, then that’s it…  We can’t do anything about it. If you are lucky enough to own one of these soon-to-be-obsolete iPods, I suggest you hold onto them.  In a few years from now they might be collector’s items!

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Lito loves tweaking his iDevices and would love to see iOS 6 & iPhone 6 Jailbroken.