How To Sync MobileMe, Address Book & iCal

Apple MobileMe Service

Finally got MobileMe to work like it’s supposed to (after it erased my contacts on iPhone). It wasn’t easy an hour ago when MobileMe did everything in it’s power to crush my will to live… But you can’t keep a good AppleSlut (or Apple Blog) down for long…

The good news for you and me… well, everybody really… is there’s a way to get it all working in just a few short steps.

Of course it took me a thousand do find it and make it work the first time.

With some fancy computer hacking (not really) I was able to crack the Mobile DaVinciMe code – and get everything to sync (horay) and start working smoothly – with instant updates to new data. Here’s how it’s done:

UPDATE: MobileMe will be replaced by iCloud in fall 2011. iCloud is supposed to be easier to sync than MobileMe… However, the iTunes sync wasn’t as easy as advertised. In fact, it sucked. Fingers crossed iCloud will be headache free.

UPDATE: iCloud is live and free for anyone to signup. Horay! But there’s some bad news. iCloud doesn’t sync docs to your Mac – and the Apple fanboys & girls are not happy :(

UPDATE: Here’s how to remove duplicate iCal entries from iCloud.

System Preferences

Open up System Preferences and click on the .Mac icon. (If you don’t have the .Mac icon, you might see the MobileMe icon – click it)

Select Your Items to Sync

1. Click the Sync button in the center menu bar

2. Check the box next to Synchronize with .Mac

3. Select Manually from the dropdown

4. Check all of the boxes next to the items you’d like to Sync.

Move on to the next step…

Click the Advanced Button

Click the Advanced button to open up more options.

Reset Sync Data

This isn’t as bad as it sounds…FYI

1. Click on your computer

2. Click on Reset Sync Data

Switch the Sync Direction

1. Select All Sync Info from the Replace dropdown menu

2. Click the Right Arrow to set the transfer – from your computer TO .Mac / MobileMe (you should see the orange arrow moving from the computer to the .Mac / MobileMe logo)

3. Click Replace to start the transfer

Confirm the Sync

Click the OK button to confirm the transfer and get this party started!

Sync in Progress

Now that the transfer has started…

1. The dropdown menu has been greyed-out.

2. The progress meter will be shown to the left of each item as they sync

3. You can click the Cancel Sync to stop the process

.Mac & MobileMe Sync Completed

The sync is complete when the date and time are displayed at the bottom.

** NOTE ** When the sync is completed, go back to the 2nd step (Select Your Items to Sync) and change the dropdown to “Automatically.” Now your Mac, iPhone and MobileMe will always be in sync!

That’s it – Enjoy MobileMe!

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