Untethered iOS 5 Jailbreak on Hold

Before I start, please remember that you aren’t supposed to kill the messenger. With that said, I do not bring glad tidings this time around, rather a sad one for all of us devout jailbreakers out there.

Just hours ago, Posixninja of the (in)famous Chronic Dev Team updated their blog, after months of silence, to break the bad news: The much-anticipated untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5 has hit a bump and will not be available anytime soon.

Disappointing news which has added more anxiety to the already uncertain future of the iOS 5 jailbreak.  You may remember I reported during MyGreatFest last October, wherein the Chronic Dev Team has found 5 userland exploits which can be used to produce a jailbreak for all iDevices, including the iPad 2, on iOS 5. But after several quiet months, Posixninja confirmed that some of these were quickly patched by Apple – even before their team had a chance to really dig deep into the exploits to out an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.

“First & foremost: during my JailbreakCon talk in September, I was excited to announce that the Chronic Dev team had already discovered 5 different exploits for use in our upcoming jailbreak. Unfortunately, that announcement was a bit premature, because in the subsequent weeks, Apple found & patched a (critical) few of those exploits, between the beta versions we used for testing and the final release of iOS5 on October 12.”

Posixninja further explained how Apple was able to patch these exploits by using users’ crash reports sent to Apple’s server via iTunes every time an iDevices user connects his gadget to their Mac’s/PC’s using iTunes.

“One of the primary challenges in working with userland exploits is that, every time any program crashes on your iPhone, a ‘crash report’ is generated and instantly sent back to Apple.”

He also added that this automatic sending of diagnostic information to Apple can be easily prevented, and urged us users to do so, by changing the setting in iTunes and asked our help to hasten their progress with the untethered jailbreak by sending the crash reports/diagnostic info to them instead.

To make this info war even easier to do, the Chronic Dev Team has released a small program called Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter (get it here: Mac and PC) to facilitate the info transfer by simply clicking a button while your iDevice is connected.  They assured us that no other personal info will be gathered from your iDevice aside from the crash reports.  I have complete trust and confidence in them, and since I am anxiously waiting for that untethered jailbreak for all iDevices (specially my lonely iPad 2), I am more than willing to do my share to help them out. In fact,  I already downloaded the program and I was surprised to find out that I had 103 crashes on my iPad 2 which I wasn’t even aware of! Anyway, my crashes are already on their way to the Chronic Dev Team’s server for analyses and I feel good that I’ve done my part to get that untethered jailbreak out of the door already.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that Posixninja and the rest of the Chronic Dev Team posse will finally be able to crack iOS 5 in time for a truly Merry Jailbreaker’s Christmas!

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Lito loves tweaking his iDevices and would love to see iOS 6 & iPhone 6 Jailbroken.