Next Gen iDevices to Use Sharp’s IGZO Display Panels?

Next Gen iDevices to Use Sharp’s IGZO Display Panels?

Not even four months after their release, Apple’s iDevices (iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4) are again the center of attention as the latest murmurings say that the firm from Cupertino is in talks with Sharp to use the latter’s IGZO technology for Apple’s next gen iDevices.

This news is nothing new as we have already reported to you in an article that Apple planned to use Sharp’s IGZO display technology for its iPad 3 but, as we all know, that plan didn’t push through and we got the new iPad with Retina Display instead.

But if this recent report is to be believed, Apple has renewed its interest in the IGZO Technology and has revived talks with Sharp which may mean big business to the struggling company if Apple does decides to source its display panels from them.

The IGZO display screens developed by Sharp are considerably thinner and use less energy when compared to the LCD panels in existence at the moment but production delays and yields seem to be the main concerns that Sharp has to address if it wants to be Apple’s business partner. These are also the reasons why Apple is searching and considering other Asian manufacturers, like AU Optronics and Innolux, for its display needs.

As for Sharp’s part, the Japanese manufacturer has recently introduced its own tablet using its own IGZO technology but said unit is initially available only in Japan.

Anyway, Sharp had a whole year to improve its manufacturing capabilities and if the Japanese firm could convince the fruit company that it can meet its stringent QA and up-to-the-minute time table, then perhaps we will soon see brighter and sleeker iDevices in the very near future.

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