No A5 Bootrom Exploit Says MuscleNerd

No A5 Bootrom Exploit Says MuscleNerd

The past weeks had been a frenetic fusion of rumors and speculations about a possible jailbreak for Apple’s latest iOS 7 as famed jailbreak guru Joshua Hill (P0sixninja) sent us sweet tweets about the exploits he found and the amazing things we can look forward to, and cheering us all up with “think bigger than a jailbreak”, which sent the jailbreaking community into a frenzy.

These lead a lot of people to speculate that P0sixninja might have discovered a bootrom exploit (easy explanation: a hardware exploit independent of the OS) for Apple’s iDevices which would enable the iOS hacker to permanently unshackle our gadgets from Apple’s clutches.

This week, however, P0sixninja broke some of his silence and sent us another slew of tweets which gave us an update on his progress and said he hated redsn0w, sn0wbreeze and 6.1.3, but also surprised us with his newly coined hashtag #openjailbreak.

Turned out that P0sixninja and his team are building a site – a repository – which will house all thing jailbreak P0sixninja has done through the years.

“Essentially it’s going to be a repository of open source jailbreak components that I created over the years,” claims Hill. “So much of my code has been hacked up and incorporated into other projects, it’s becoming very fragmented. There’s no central repository to maintain all this code, to allow other developers to submit patches or help layout a roadmap for what new features and abilities will be added in the future.”

But today, MuscleNerd, another jailbreak big shot, tweeted that there is no known A5 bootrom in existence, which effectively doused the flames of hope for an iOS 7 untethered jailbreak.

 For now, that is.

I think it wasn’t MuscleNerd’s intention to be the harbinger of doom for the jailbreak community by sending us this tweet; he’s just stating a fact that there is no bootrom exploit for the A5. Also, I believe he has nothing against P0sixninja as P0sixninja himself hasn’t made any claim to have a bootrom exploit in his possession and by giving us open jailbreak which is, in fact, what’s he’s busily working on.

No bad blood there, folks…

But don’t fret – MuscleNerd gave us his assurance that all is not lost when asked is Apple has defeated the jailbreakers:

 What do you think?

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