Pre-Loaded Cydia To Come With iOS 6 Jailbreak?

Pre-Loaded Cydia To Come With iOS 6 Jailbreak?

Since we are still high on the excellent news that the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 will be unleashed this coming Sunday, I thought it would be an appropriate time to discuss some of the quirks I’ve experienced every time I unshackle my iDevice.

Yes, I am an ardent fan of jailbreaking because it allows me to personally own my device without any chains binding me to Apple. Don’t get me wrong here – I do not hate Apple, in fact I adore the firm from Cupertino because of all their superb gadgets and stuffs – it’s just that when I buy something, anything, I want that thing to be totally mine, you know, to do whatever I want with it.

Jailbreaking gives me this freedom…

The first thing I do whenever a new jailbreak is at hand is to make sure that Cydia is running and up to date, which has always been a chore because, as you may have experienced it yourself, it usually takes a very long time to update all the repositories, sources, tools and packages to completely bring Cydia to fore.

As you may know, every time a new jailbreak is released, people rush to get their iDevices jailbroken. Just imagine the demand this creates and the toll it brings to the Cydia servers which house all of the repositories and packages.  No wonder it takes a very long time for everyone to finish updating Cydia.

But this usually happens during the first few days of the jailbreak’s release and gradually tapers off as less and less demand is brought to the Cydia servers.  Then everything is back to normal again. Thank you very much.

So it was extremely refreshing to see, as this report says, that the new untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 would bring with it a “pre-loaded” Cydia, with all the bells and whistles included in the install, which would mean less time waiting for Cydia to update.

From Reddit (thanks, Saurik):

“in addition to how every jailbreak this problem is less problematic, planetbeing said he would finally deploy my “pre-primed Cydia” proposal, so when you open Cydia immediately after the jailbreak it will already have a package catalog from all of the default repositories, and will not need to do a full refresh cycle (which is what really pummels the repositories during new jailbreaks): it will only need to grab the diffs

And more time to start tinkering with our newly jailbroken iDevices!

As always, kudos to our jailbreak gurus for thinking of ways and actually implementing these little tweaks that make our lives easier and faster.

We’re all excited for Sunday and here’s looking forward to a great jailbreaking weekend ahead of us.


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