November Brings iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour 2011

iOS Tech Talk World Tour

Who would have thought that making millions while having fun could ever be possible?  You might be saying  “Yeah, Right.”, but before you turn away, indulge me for a bit, okay? I’m talking about making games here.  You know, those apps you totally enjoy and waste your time on using your favorite iDevice.  Remember Rovio (Angry Birds)? Well they are sure hell making money and lots of it, in fact. So you see, it really pays to have fun.

You might be wondering what does this have to do with Apple’s iOS5 tech Talk World Tour.  Actually, a lot.

Since we’re talking about apps here (not just games anymore), Apple’s upcoming worldwide event will further stoke the already burning imaginations of coders in all regions by taking iOS 5 and its development to the developers themselves this coming November.

Apple has just recently announced that November will bring its iOS 5 Tech Talk World Tour and the event will be held in a total of nine countries with a kick off from Berlin, Germany on November 2.  From there, Apple’s education tour will go to London on November 7, Rome on November 9, Beijing in China on December 5, and Seoul, South Korea on December 8. After the holidays, the event will continue its next leg in Sao Paolo, Brazil on January, 2012, New York City on January 13, then Seattle, Washington on January 18 and finally in good old Austin, Texas on the 23rd.

That’s a lot of ground to cover, literally.  But Apple wants to revive this event which it has fervently held in previous years so that developers can have a totally immersive first-hand experience with the latest version of its mobile OS, the iOS 5.  Because precious slots for the event are limited, Apple has launched a sign-up page where developers can sign up but has also stressed that priority will be given to those developers who have apps available via the App Store.

“We’re taking iOS 5 on a world tour and we want you to come along for the ride. Learn from Apple experts as you take your apps to the next level with the exciting new technologies in iOS. Space is limited, so register today.”

Mind you, this event is not for the newbie or the wannabe developer or coder.  Talks will focus on the technical side of iOS 5 and how developers can fully maximize the operating system’s full potential. Developers/coders can look forward to a typical event day which would include a class on the iPhone and iPad’s user interface design, adopting iCloud Storage, learning about iOS 5 features like AirPlay, Newsstand, Game Center, iBooks, support for printing and a lot more.

Best of all : the event is free to those lucky few who will be selected. If you are a veteran coder or a developer with some apps in the App Store, better head on to the sign up page because the slots are almost filled up.

Perhaps I’ll see one your creations in the App Store and read about how you became a millionaire… while having fun.

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