Pages for Mac is Not Going to the Cloud

Apple Platform Independent Word Processor

The website Patently Apple has sparked another fire among Apple bloggers. According to a patent application, Apple is (researching, protecting? working on?) … doing something with a Platform Independent Word Processor. See the details here.

The rumors are flying about the possibilities of Pages for Mac moving to the cloud, er iCloud. Whatever.

OSX Daily thinks Apple may be trying to solve the age-old text document formatting problem between Mac & Windows… Making a cross platform app.

I don’t buy it because there’s no need for it.

95% of the world runs on Microsoft Word. Why would Apple think they could get everyone to switch? (0k, I made up that 95%, but it’s gotta be close.)

Even if this new app works perfectly in Safari on the Mac AND Internet Explorer on Windows, there’s no reason for a Word user to switch. Apple will have to introduce an impossible-to-live-without feature to slowly pull users away from Word.

MobileMe & iCloud

My guess is this new word processor would be 100% browser based, like Google Docs. However, Apple’s solution will be attached to a MobileMe / iCloud subscription – that means you’ll have to pay for it.

And “cross platform?” That could mean it works the same way on iOS (iPad, iPhone) as is does on OSX. Besides, Apple doesn’t build software for Windows (except iTunes & Safari.)

I don’t think Pages will move to the cloud…

What do you think?

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