The iPhone 5S Camera Will Have An Independent Dual LED Flash

The iPhone 5S Camera Will Have An Independent Dual LED Flash

In the olden days when smartphones were still a rarity (non-existent, even), we had to carry a lot of “stuffs” in our already overcrowded bags, like an electronic personal assistant, a beeper, a cellular phone (yeah, you still remember them?), and a camera. But nowadays we only need to bring an iPhone (or other smartphones out there) which has already replaced all of those single-function gadgets I’ve mentioned before.

Aside from the most obvious use of the smartphone, I believe the next most used function of the device is its camera for taking those all-important memories of Judie’s graduation, Jack’s first nimble steps or even Grampa and Granma’s 50th wedding anniversary.


I have to admit, those built-in cameras still have a long way to go to approximate the quality of even an entry level SLR camera, but you have to agree that they’re getting there and every year, mobile phone manufacturers are making sure that this feature is well taken-cared of with each new release of their flagship handhelds.

For instance, Apple’s premier mobile, the iPhone 5, has an 8-megapixel cam, which has quickly become a bit under-powered when compared to the latest outings from other manufactures out there – as technology marches on in an unprecedented pace.

Anything that comes out of the market today becomes almost obsolete in just a matter of months (weeks even) and this is the reason why Apple tries to diffentiate its products from others by coming up with and incorporating innovations to its iconic product lines.

Speaking of innovations, this latest rumor about the Cupertino firm’s iPhone 5S says we may get a 12 or 13-megapixel rear facing camera with an independent dual LED flash as shown in these leaked photos courtesy of our friends from

Yeah, I know there’s more to photography than higher megapixels but having those extra megapixels and that dual LED flash to boot will definitely give my picture–taking prowess some needed omp!

Especially now that summer is almost over and the Holiday Season will soon be upon us…

With a rumored September unleashing, I think the new iPhone 5S and its budget-friendly sibling, the iPhone 5C (?) will simple fly off the shelves as everyone tries to get their hands on Apple’s latest drool-worthy offering.

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