Whited00r 6: Making Old iDevices Smart Again

Whited00r 6: Making Old iDevices Smart Again

Technology is marching in such haste that once you buy that brand-spanking new gadget and get it home, it’s already outdated.

Like me, you may still have some “vintage” iDevices laying around somewhere in your house gathering dust and forgotten. With all the latest and the greatest devices out there, who would want to spend time tinkering with an oldie that has gone slow compared to the blazing speeds offered by the new models, right?

If you get a bit nostalgic at times, again like me, or frugal, not wanting to part with a very useful device just yet, then perhaps you’d consider the latest release of Whited00r to resurrect and make your old iDevice smart (and fast) again.

A week ago I installed the latest version of WhiteD00r on my already ancient first gen iPod Touch which was released way back in 2007. Though I am still using it now and then when I don’t want to carry its bigger sibling, the iPad, I was already feeling how slow it has become when compared to the newer device. I use the iPad on a daily basis and when I use my almost 6 year old iPod Touch, I really see the difference in performance that that 6 year gap makes.

So, how is my iPod Touch now you ask?

Well, it’s been a given a fresh start, as promised, and I am left wondering why Apple would abandon older devices when they can still function almost as good as the newer ones, given a good dose of latest iOS release.

Whited00r 6 has several flavors which you can install depending, of course, on the iDevice you want to make smart and fast again. In my case, I chose the version for my first gen iPod Touch and after installing the modified firmware on my jailbroken iDevice (it was on iOS 3.1.3), iOS 6 greeted me after rebooting. I also took note on how faster my iPod Touch 1st Gen has become and has gained some iOS 6 functionalities like the notification center as well as other perks like iCloud, though not exactly Apple’s real iCloud service, but a service which offers the same just as well.

The modified firmware will work on all older iDevices like the iPhone 2G and 3G, the iPod Touch 1G and the iPod Touch 2G.

So far, so good and I am still discovering new Whid00r features every day.

You can get the full details and installation instructions for all the devices supported by Whited00r by visiting their official site here.

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