5 Sugar Baby Benefits—That Have Nothing To Do With Money

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Making the decision to enter the Sugar Bowl is making the decision to be a part of a mutually beneficial relationship—not making the decision to solely make some money. There are all kinds of Sugar arrangements with varied benefits for each party, but at the core is an understanding that each partner pulls their own weight to achieve what they want from the partnership.

With that being said, pampering and presents are obvi part of the arrangements in many Sugar Relationships—but new pairs of Louboutins, Caribbean vacations and Champagne and caviar aren’t the only Sugar Baby benefits being enjoyed by those in the Sugar Bowl.

There are definitely Sugar Daddies out there who want to shower their Sugar Babies in such luxuries, but they also can offer much more than material goods. These SDs are often experienced, successful, powerful men who can give their SBs the world—both literally and figuratively. Read on to find out what non-financial advantages there are to gain from living the Sugar lifestyle.

1. Mentorship

Like I said before, some of these Daddies have years of business and/or financial experience on their résumés. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a great idea? Your SD can provide valuable mentorship, guiding you along the way with advice on product development, marketing, sales and more. It’s like your own private episode of Shark Tank!

The mentorship opportunities extend beyond the business world, though. Are you still pursuing a college degree? SDs work in all industries, which means you potentially could find a Daddy who has experience in your field. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a study buddy who also sends you on shopping sprees and takes you to five-star restaurants? Even if you’re mid-career, this kind of mentorship can assist you in taking your professional dreams to the next level.

2. Companionship

It has been said in recent years that “loneliness is a global epidemic”—just look at the countless think pieces on the subject and the scholarly articles and scientific data behind them. Your SD can have a major impact on your happiness and emotional health. It’s always nice knowing that someone out there is thinking of you more often than not, that they can’t wait to be back in your company and are excited to share their time with you. While your single girlfriends are spending Friday night on the couch with the latest Netflix drop and some Uber Eats takeout, you can be out on the town with your SD enjoying the very best your city has to offer!

3. Networking

If the ladies of Sex and the City taught us anything, it’s that knowing—and having relationships with—powerful, successful men can lead to rubbing elbows with the famous, the social elite, industry tycoons, politicians and trust-fund family members born with silver spoons in their mouths. Like many other aspects of the series, this was fairly unrealistic (tell us Carrie can afford that East Village NYC apartment on a freelance journalist’s dime, especially when she’s busy buying as many Manolos as possible).

But in the Sugar world, things are a little … different. Your SD could be an influential fixture in your city’s social scene, which could mean invitations to social gatherings where you’ll have access to other influential people who you can build your own personal network with.

4. Social Status

Did you land a Sugar Daddy with connections to an elite social scene? Such interactions as those mentioned above could also lead to elevating your own social status. Maybe soon you’ll be receiving your own invites and special perks after rubbing elbows with the right people!

5. Seeing the World

I mentioned earlier that Sugar Daddies have the potential to give their SBs the world—and I wasn’t talking about a Swarovski crystal-encrusted globe. An SD doesn’t have to write a check with “Sending SB to Paris” on the memo line—he can invite you to accompany him on his next trip to the City of Light.

And who knows? Maybe the SD will even ask you to choose the next destination to fire the private jet up for. Have a bucket list? The world could be your oyster!