Author: Randolph Lewis

How to keep your Fleshlight Safe and Secure

How to keep your Fleshlight Safe and Secure

You want to play a game. One of that involves screaming, but not by pain. A game that uses toys, but not for torture: Remember, this is a game where both you and I can have fun Are you ready?

For adults, too, and we do it in many different ways. We can play alone or with a partner, depending on what we know for the moment. We can also choose to use only our imagination, or we can use sex toys.

Ben Waa bullets

Ben Waa bullets, also known as cone balls and geisha beads are spherical objects of different sizes and weights used vaginally orally. Some vibrates; some are connected to others with a string etc. They are used for both sexual stimulation and vaginal health. Ben Waa bullets can also be used to treat urinary incontinence and sexual problems. They can improve vaginal tone and …