Desist from exchange sex for phones-CJ cautions young girls

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“Girls, don’t give yourself to some dirty old man for an iPhone or for any type of phone. It is a tool, that’s all, one day you’ll own [one]. You’ll be able to buy one if you are patient and you do not throw away your virtue,” she admonished.

She was speaking at the Chief Justice’s Mentoring Programme for students initiated to expose pupils to the functions of the judiciary and instil in them virtues of patriotism and selflessness.

The programme which was under the theme: “I pledge myself to the service of Ghana” was held in Kumasi on Tuesday, 26 March 2019.

The Chief Justice advised young people to ensure that the time they spend on their phone and on the internet are for purposes of learning and other useful activities that will enhance their lives.

She said the technology young people see today was not around yesterday and may not be around tomorrow but the values of honesty, respect, hard work, self-discipline, integrity and service will always be there and will continue to serve mankind.

She therefore, urged them to be committed to the country’s peace, stability, environmental integrity, sanitation, and every aspect of the national existence.

On his part, Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II also commended the Chief Justice for the number of initiatives she has undertaken to improve the condition of the judiciary and to bring justice closer to the people.

He indicated that the Chief Justice’s Mentoring programme will go a long way to impact positively on the lives of participants.

Otumfuo’s speech was read on his behalf by Baffour Owusu Amankwatia VI, the Bantamahene.