How to keep your Fleshlight Safe and Secure

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You want to play a game. One of that involves screaming, but not by pain. A game that uses toys, but not for torture: Remember, this is a game where both you and I can have fun Are you ready?

For adults, too, and we do it in many different ways. We can play alone or with a partner, depending on what we know for the moment. We can also choose to use only our imagination, or we can use sex toys.

Ben Waa bullets

Ben Waa bullets, also known as cone balls and geisha beads are spherical objects of different sizes and weights used vaginally orally. Some vibrates; some are connected to others with a string etc. They are used for both sexual stimulation and vaginal health. Ben Waa bullets can also be used to treat urinary incontinence and sexual problems. They can improve vaginal tone and strength, especially when supplemented with cone exercises.

Kegel exercises can be used with or without ben waa bullets to strengthen the muscles. These exercises are often used to treat disorders such as female anorgasmia and vaginalism.

If you are going to use ben waa bullets for a therapy session, you are advised to consult a specialist first. It’s not all bullets that will be useful and everyone will not bring benefits. When using them, follow the instructions of the physician or sexologist.


These were originally used to cure hysteria, but today they are used for pleasure. The difference between a dildo and a vibrator is that the latter has an electronic mechanism that makes it vibrate.

One big advantage of dildos over vibrators is that they have no electrical component and therefore they can be used under water. On the other hand, vibrators can increase enjoyment with their vibration, which cannot be dildos.

Dildos, vibrators and massagers can be used vaginally orally, or to stimulate clitoris and other zones. Depending on the model, they can also penetrate two people at the same time. There are many types of dildos: realistic, double, in glass, in silicone, big, small, remote controlled etc. There are also small plugs for pregnant ladies, the popular type of anal toy in New York.


Vibrators also come in many different models and in many different colors, shapes, sizes and materials. This wide range allows you to choose a toy that suits you and your preferences, such as depending on whether you want to use it alone or with a partner. In this family of toys, you distinguish between those you control yourself and those who have a remote control so that they can be activated remotely from someone else. Everything depends on what, whoever you want to play.

Egg vibrators can be bought separately or as vibrating underwear. They come with a remote control so that one person can activate them while the other is wearing them. The remote control lets you control these objects to play in discreet and not so discreet places.

The fun will go the way you want

The world of BDSM is also related to sex toys. You do not have to play master slave games to enjoy these products. There is a wide range that allows you to experiment with bare items like feathers and sex swings popular this century, but also more daring toys that can give you both pain and pleasure like urethral sounds for hot women.

Masks, costumes, erotic electro stimulation, electronic machines that offer continuous strong penetration, clamps for different parts of the body, eyelashes, gloves etc. are all parts of the BDSM family.

There is enough variation for everyone

The range of sex toys is very wide. There are toys in all price ranges, types, materials and colors. This ensures that everyone, regardless of preferences, can find a toy that they like. To play is not just for children. Adults also have the right to play in their own way, and the game gets better the older we become. With just a little money, time and desire, it can be fun to play. So what are you waiting for?

Today’s sex toys are classy, advanced and more effective than ever. We have tested 9 great vibrators that you do not need to hide in the chest of drawers.

Also, you should know the existence of many chastity devices that are healthy for males out there. But be careful in choosing because it has been rampant to see chastity devices that are scams and will leave the purchasers being robbed of their money. On the bright side, there are real cock cages that are best gifts to others who want to practice chastity. The best use of this device is to chastise yourself out of scandals. If you have plans to chastise any alpha males, then this is the perfect device for you.

A clitoral vibrator was best tested. But we also found some bottom buttons.

The most common sex toys are dildo and vibrator. But if you surf the net, reveal a great and exciting world for those who are trying to experiment and try something new. With the help of fleshlight packaging, we now show what may be some of the most exciting sex toys – in any case, appearance.

Six Double Penetrator Vibrators

With this you no longer need to choose which part to be stimulated. You simply stop a part of the vagina and one in the anal.

Womanizer 2 Go Massager

Looks like an innocent lipstick but has completely different uses. With the help of air you get the feeling that someone sucks your clitoris.

Lovely Cartoon Female Sex Toy G-Spot Vibrator Massager

Only the name gets one to be interested. This is a vibrator that looks more like a toy kid than a sex toy. It is in different characters for those who are not crazy about a chef.

Seduce Me Twin Climaxer

Alligator design looks a little frightening but as soon as it’s inside you, that thought is blown away. Simply pin the pieces together and plug it in. Once inside it opens up so it will be a nice feeling. The tags are perfect for use on other parts of the body.

Britt knipkulor

Britt from Belladot is made of soft silicone and joins pleasure with pleasure, as the bouncing balls both train and stimulate vaginal muscles and pelvic floor. And a well-trained muscle is for joy to both him and her. Inside the bullets there is a loose little weight that gives extra stimulation when put in motion.

If you are a beginner – what should you think about when choosing?

Firstly, it is important to choose environmentally friendly, non-allergenic and certified products. What kind of sex aid you choose is primarily a matter of taste and taste. There is everything from small flexible finger vibrators and handy clitoris vibrators to larger and more powerful vibrating dildos and so the slip is understood!

How common is it that women masturbate?

Most women masturbate, but the frequency may vary a lot. Orgasm has many positive effects on well-being, regardless of whether orgasm is available in masturbation or under partner sex. Masturbation and orgasm is a great way to relax. Oxytocin, the body’s own feel good hormone, is released. It is said that memory and concentration are increasing and that anxiety and stress can be attenuated.

This applies to sex at all, but the advantage of masturbation is that you choose when and how. Those who masturbate retain their sexuality longer in life and keep the lust alive if a partner is missing.