It is revealed that the girl who offered sex in exchange for the new iPhone 6 is an elementary school student

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The story of a girl chatting with a mobile shop owner via Line application and offering him sex in exchange for an iPhone 6 because she didn’t have enough money to buy it, but the shop owner refused and told her that she shouldn’t be doing this, has become a hot topic in every newspaper.

mobile phone shopOn November 10, reporters went to Thai Mobile, a mobile shop in Thep Udon market, Bang Phra sub-district, Mueang Trat district, Trat provice, where the shop owner 30 years-old Mr. Uthai Buaprasert stated that he refused the girl’s offer to make people realize that there are a lot of teenage girls who think this kind behavior is acceptable in our society and to make the parents be aware of this problem.

“My wife and I were shocked when it happened, and I didn’t want to sleep to this girl, but the reason I posted the screencaps of the conversations on Facebook is because I want to warn the parents to take care of their children. I can’t believe this is happening in Trat.”

Mr. Uthai added that after posting the story on Pantip, a famous website, his mobile shop has become more known, and a lot of customers went to his shop to sell their phones. Also, reporters, along with Trat people, went to interview and ask him about what happened.

However, sources revealed to the reporters that the girl who chatted with Mr. Uthai is a student in an elementary school in Trat. The incident happened on November 8, and has become a hot topic among Thai people on social network.